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Bay Harbor toenail fungus

Bay Harbor Toenail Fungus

Laser treatment for toenail fungus in Bay Harbor

Bay Harbor toenail fungus

Bay Harbor toenail fungus

It is unsightly and embarrassing. Toenail fungus. Dr. Merrick L. Horn understands how important it is for you to treat and heal this unpleasant condition. He has been in his podiatry office in Bay Harbor for over 40 years and is a skilled specialist. In addition to his medical knowledge and anatomical fluency, this board certified podiatrist is also an athlete with a subspecialty in sports injuries related to the lower leg, ankle and foot. He uses his knowledge of being a former athlete in serving his patients in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Dr. Horn was an accomplished NCAA gymnast, and was a member of the gold medal winning 1981 USA Gymnastic team. He also served as a personal trainer specializing in lower extremity rehabilitation. As a specialist in comprehensive lower leg, ankle, foot, and Bay Harbor toenail fungus, Dr. Horn utilizes the latest technology available to serve the needs of his patients.

Toenail fungus is diagnosed through clinical cultures and identification of the involved organism. It is usually a thickened and yellowish-brown discolored nail plate surface. In most cases, the infection starts at the end of the toenail and progressively involves the remainder of the plate. The vast majority of fungus nails are asymptomatic or painless and for many, are more of a cosmetic problem than anything else. Most authorities agree that fungus nails are not contagious between people but a progressive involvement from one toe to another is still a confusing issue for many. Dr. Horn is skilled at treating Bay Harbor toenail fungus using technologically advanced laser treatments.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the use of lasers to treat toenail fungus in 2013. Lasers produce coherent light energy of a sufficient strength and of a specific wavelength, which when projected into tissue is absorbed, producing heat and destroying tissues. Other tissue components are unaffected and so spared. It is proposed that some lasers might work by heating up the nail sufficiently to discourage fungal infections. Another approach to laser treatment of the nails uses a fractional CO2 laser to burn holes in the nail plate through which topical antifungal medications can effectively penetrate. To discuss the use of lasers for your Bay Harbor toenail fungus, or to learn about Dr. Horn’s other podiatric services, give him a call today.

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