Miami Beach Stem Cell

There are few professionals who understand the complexities of the feet and ankles as well as Dr. Merrick L. Horn. With over 40 years as a leading podiatrist, Dr. Horn is a skilled specialist who can provide effective treatments for foot and ankle conditions. In addition to his medical knowledge and anatomical fluency, this board certified podiatrist is also an athlete with a subspecialty in sports injuries related to the lower leg, ankle and foot. He uses his knowledge of being a former athlete in serving his patients in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. He also served as a personal trainer specializing in lower extremity rehabilitation. As a specialist in comprehensive lower leg, ankle, foot, and toenail problems, Dr. Horn utilizes the latest technology available to serve the needs of his patients, including Miami Beach stem cell therapy.

Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge field of medical treatment that uses the human body’s own natural healing ability in exciting new ways. By harnessing and concentrating the power of an incredibly versatile type of cell called an adult stem cell, scientists and doctors have developed promising treatments for many types of injuries and illnesses involving lost, damaged, or aging cells. The use of stem cells injections are part of the innovative treatments Dr. Horn offers his patients. A basic Miami Beach stem cell procedure lasts about 45 minutes or less. Dr. Horn will retrieve bone marrow percutaneously from the iliac crest of your hip. The aspirated bone marrow will then be concentrated into a smaller volume, devoid of plasma and red blood cells. Finally, he will deliver your concentrated stem cells back to the target site for regeneration. After a joint injection, you can typically go back to work immediately. It is advised to avoid load-bearing activities for at least 2 weeks. In any stem cell procedure, anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) should be withheld for 72 hours pre-procedure and one week post-procedure.

Dr. Horn’s mission is to work together with you to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence and to provide the latest in podiatric advances, such as Miami Beach stem cell therapy. To achieve this goal, he is committed to listen to those he is privileged to serve, earn the trust and respect of his patients, meet and exceed his patients’ expectations, and ensure a compassionate, professional environment. To learn if stem cell therapy is right for you, or to learn about Dr. Horn’s comprehensive menu of podiatric services, give him a call today.

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