North Miami Beach children's foot care

North Miami Beach Children’s Foot Care

Common pediatric foot conditions in North Miami Beach

Dr. Merrick L. Horn understands how important it is for youngsters to maintain good foot health as they grow. He has been a leading pediatric podiatrist offering North Miami Beach children’s foot care for over 40 years and is a skilled specialist. In addition to his medical knowledge and anatomical fluency, this board certified podiatrist is also an athlete with a subspecialty in sports injuries related to the lower leg, ankle and foot. He uses his knowledge of being a former athlete in serving his patients in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Dr. Horn was an accomplished NCAA gymnast, and was a member of the gold medal winning 1981 USA Gymnastic team. He also served as a personal trainer specializing in lower extremity rehabilitation. As a specialist in comprehensive lower leg, ankle, foot, and hammertoes, Dr. Horn utilizes the latest technology available to serve the needs of his patients, young and old.

Children can develop many of the same foot conditions as adults. And if your child is in pain, you want North Miami Beach children’s foot care you can trust to take care of him/her with sensitivity and skill. Foot problems in your child may appear at birth, shortly thereafter, or once your child is walking. Walking abnormally is often the first sign that something is wrong with your child’s foot or their feet. Adolescents and teenage children may develop foot or ankle problems and these should not be ignored. It is important to watch for any foot deformities or limping in your adolescent or teenage child, and see our podiatrists who are experts in pediatric podiatry if you notice any foot issues.

This caring pediatric podiatrist has a lot of experience treating the foot and ankle issues of their young patients. They can effectively tend to heel pain, in-toeing or out-toeing, toe walking, bunions, flat feet, ingrown toenails, and plantar warts. Our patients expect and receive the finest care with a gentle touch each and every time they see us. The more you know, the better equipped you are to make wise decisions about your health care. Among our most important functions is to educate our patients as to their treatment options. We take the time to speak to you about your treatment goals and we will make recommendations allowing you to make the most educated health care decisions. For North Miami Beach children’s foot care and for all of your family’s podiatric needs, make an appointment with Dr. Horn.

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