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Oftentimes young children are in need of foot and ankle care just like adults. As a parent, it is of utmost importance that you pay attention to your child’s overall health and development, and their foot health should factor into these concerns as well. Children are capable of developing a number of different foot problems since their feet are growing rapidly and being used for new activities every day. Here at our top rated podiatry office in North Miami Beach, Dr. Merrick L. Horn and Dr. Jean-Jacques Kassis, can diagnose and treat all of your children’s pediatric podiatry issues.

As a parent, you should make sure to keep an eye on your child’s overall growth and to pay attention to how they walk and carry themselves in order to determine whether their foot health is of any concern. Some common foot conditions that children may experience include the development of flat feet, pigeon toes, bowed legs, in-toeing, toe walking and excessive tripping or falling. Dr. Horn and Dr. Kassis will examine your child and develop the safest and most effective treatment plan which may include orthotics, physical therapy and other such minimally invasive techniques. Your child’s foot and ankle problems will be treated in our warm and friendly environment with gentle and compassionate care.

Children are also capable of hurting themselves, so any instances of broken or fractured bones, torn or sprained ligaments and other such issues can be brought to our pediatric podiatrists in North Miami Beach as well. Here at our podiatry office, a great number of foot health related issues can be treated and your child’s overall foot health and development can resume as normal.

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