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Our sports medicine in Aventura focuses on those injuries and conditions that are most closely associated with participating in athletics, either on a professional basis, as an amateur, or even if you do it occasionally just for the fun of it. Here at the office of Merrick L. Horn, it is a priority for us to have you back at your top level of performance quickly and to help you to avoid recurrences.

Not all sports take a toll on your arms, chest, or back, but you would be hard pressed to come up with many that aren’t stressful on your feet. Team sports, individual sports, and even fitness rituals like regular running or hiking are all included in our assessment. Even golf, which is not typically thought of as a sport that requires a lot of endurance or impact, does usually entail a lot of walking, not to mention that driving the ball requires planting your feet properly. Our sports medicine in Aventura covers all of the problems that are the result of playing, but the ones that are most common are those of the heel and the ankle. For example, ankle sprains are something we see all the time. And your heel takes the brunt of running and jumping more so than other parts of your feet do. The result can be plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, achilles tendonitis, or even a torn achilles tendon, which of the noted injuries is the most serious and will generally require the longest time for healing and recovery. Thanks to our sports medicine in Aventura, you will be in the hands of a skilled and experienced specialist. So whether your treatment requires orthotics, a cast, medication, physical therapy, or surgery, you can rely on attentive and expert care.

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