Wynwood ankle surgery

Wynwood Ankle Surgery

At the offices of Merrick L Horn, we perform Wynwood ankle surgery as well as other podiatry services for patients living in the Wynwood area. If you are looking for the best in ankle surgery for your injury, call us today. We service patients with a wide variety of podiatry options in our friendly and knowledgeable office.

Foot pain should not be a daily occurence in your life. It’s important that you keep your feet healthy, because they need to last you the rest of your life. Most Americans walk 75,000 miles by the time they’re age 50. Isn’t that amazing? So it just goes to show that you should take care of your feet so that they can last you for even longer. Regular care of feet is essential to keeping your feet working well and to keep foot problems at bay. Most foot and ankle problems can be prevented with proper care and Wynwood ankle surgery at our offices.

Some common foot conditions are arthritis, an inflammation of the joints, and diabetic foot conditions. Diabetics need to take special care of their feet. High blood pressure can also affect the feet. A foot or ankle injury may prompt the need for Wynwood ankle surgery. A sprain is a soft tissue injury and may or may not need surgery, while a fracture is an actual break and may need it depending on the severity. Tendinitis can also cause inflammation and pain. Treatment for all these conditions may range from orthotic shoe inserts, a specially designed foot support, which can offer comfort and pain relief, to surgery, which may be needed if pain doesn’t go away. Surgery is an option to restore foot function and alleviate discomfort. Call our offices today to find out more about these wonderful techniques in foot care.

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