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Wynwood ankle surgery

Wynwood ankle surgery

Took a weird step during workout or a grueling game on the court? Sometimes shaking it off is all you need. But sometimes, those little tweaks can develop into something far more serious. Don’t try to just tough it out—that’s a surefire way to guarantee you’ll be in more trouble later down the road. With that said, feel free to pay Merrick L. Horn a visit for proper treatment. Or Wynwood ankle surgery, if necessary.

Never, ever choose to ignore a foot health issue. Face it head on by seeking proper foot treatment. For instance, if you’re struggling with an ankle sprain—especially a severe one—don’t let pride get in the way of taking care of yourself. A lack of proper care can easily exacerbate the injury. An injury which could’ve easily and efficiently healed if you had erred on the side of caution. So what’s the next step? Well, until you get to a doctor’s office, there’s plenty that can be done to get the swelling and symptoms under control. Just throw a little RICE on it—not the grainy type. No. By rice we mean (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). That is, rest those tired wheels by reducing how much time is spent walking and standing. Ice and frequent compression help reduce swelling. And keeping the foot elevated above the heart level keeps the blood from pumping into the throbbing ligament—which is fun for zero people who ever experienced and ankle sprain. Of course, to further your recovery, go ahead and visit Merrick L. Horn. Meet with this first-rate professional for an evaluation and Wynwood ankle surgery.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now go ahead and treat yourself to first-rate care. All you have to do is shoot us a call or an e-mail. Then Merrick L. Horn’s staff will promptly help schedule an appointment for Wynwood ankle surgery.

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