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Pediatric foot care in Miami

Pediatric Podiatrists in Adventura

Kids Foot Doctors Serving Aventura, North Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, downtown Miami and the surrounding areas in Miami Dade, and Broward Counties.

Pediatric Podiatrists in Adventura

Pediatric Podiatrists in Adventura

You do not have to be an older adult to suffer from foot problems. The fact is that there are many common foot problems that kids experience as well. If your child has foot pain, or is experiencing some kind of foot problem, you will want to visit Dr. Merrick L. Horn and Dr. Jean-Jacques Kassis, who are expert pediatric podiatrists serving Adventura, North Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, downtown Miami and the surrounding areas in Miami Dade, and Broward Counties.

Our practice provides the highest quality of care to patients of all ages, and specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions. Children’s feet are different from those of adults, and therefore can have special problems. Since a child’s feet are growing and developing, it is important that an expert, like Dr. Horn, be consulted should parents find abnormalities in a child’s walking gait. Should a corrective shoe be needed, we offer shoes that are sturdy and supportive without being overly restrictive. We also offer pediatric shoe inserts that can offer a gentle correction to help guild a child’s natural foot growth. Our pediatric podiatrists in Aventura will advise you if your child will benefit from any of these shoes or inserts.

There are some foot problems that are common in children. For instance, Sever’s disease is a common condition for children who play soccer, basketball, or run and jump a lot during play. This can be prevented by putting children’s arch supports into the shoes the child used for sports. Or children can wear supportive athletic shoes that provide heel and arch support. Many children also have flat feet, the absence of arch development. This can be a common cause of childhood foot pain. If this is the case with your child, your child should visit our office to see Dr. Horn and Dr. Kassis. They may recommend that your child wear arch supports and supportive shoes to make sure that the foot and other muscles, tendons and bones grow correctly, and do not experience undue strain. Also, if your child walks with obvious in-toeing or out-toeing you will want to see our pediatric podiatrists in Aventura for evaluation. Dr. Horn ad Dr. Kassis will be happy to meet with you and your child to see what, if anything, should be done to ensure healthy foot development for your child. If you would like to make an appointment for your child to our doctors, simply call our office today. Many adult foot conditions can be prevented when developing problems are caught early in children.

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