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Foot Pain in Miami

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No one wants to live in pain, and any sensations of pain should generally be taken up with the doctor specialist of some kind. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, so if you ever happen to experience shooting pains, chronic pain, or any other kind of pain it is imperative that you see a doctor of some kind. When it comes to foot pain, there are a variety of different reasons as to why this pain has manifested as well as to how it can be treated. If you happen to be suffering from foot pain in Miami, then our local podiatrists, Dr. Merrick L. Horn and Dr. Jean-Jacques Kassis can help identify the cause of the issue and can provide you with the proper treatment that you need in order to alleviate your pain and improve the quality of your life.

Foot pain can sometimes be fleeting, especially if you have been on your feet for an extended period time or if you have been wearing uncomfortable shoes for a day or two. Sometimes, foot pain can easily be treated with the help of some rest, warm bath, or even compresses and a nice foot rub. But it is imperative that you take care of your feet, that you wear the proper footwear, and that you heed any serious concerns relating to foot pain. Sometimes, pain and discomfort regarding your feet may be the results of a deformity or imperfection, such as a bunion or a hammertoe. In other cases, it can be because of the type of footwear you were using or because the shoes you’re wearing do not provide you with the right amount of support. Foot pain can also be the result of a chronic issue such as plantar fasciitis or a hell spur. Depending on the severity of any of the conditions listed above, you may require treatment that is as simple as physical therapy, change of shoes, the application of orthotics, or even something as serious as major surgery. Generally, the sooner you have any foot problems treated the more likely you will avoid intensive treatment but it is always imperative that you see a podiatrist like Dr. Horn and Dr. Kassis in the event that you are experiencing foot pain in Miami.

Foot pain is something that can be incredibly difficult to live with and can significantly impede on the quality of your every day life. In some cases, if it is severe enough, it could even prevent you from doing the things you love, from going to work or even from taking general care of yourself. If you happen to be suffering from foot pain in Miami, then do not hesitate to call our local podiatrist. Call us today to book an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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