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Shockwave therapy (ECSWT) in North Miami Beach

It is widely accepted that when your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. There are few professionals who understand the complexities of the feet and ankles as well as Dr. Merrick L. Horn. With over 40 years as a leading North Miami Beach foot doctor, Dr. Horn is a skilled specialist who can provide effective treatments for foot and ankle conditions. In addition to his medical knowledge and anatomical fluency, this board certified podiatrist is also an athlete with a subspecialty in sports injuries related to the lower leg, ankle and foot. He uses his knowledge of being a former athlete in serving his patients in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Dr. Horn was an accomplished NCAA gymnast, and was a member of the gold medal winning 1981 USA Gymnastic team. He also served as a personal trainer specializing in lower extremity rehabilitation. As a specialist in comprehensive lower leg, ankle, foot, and toenail problems, Dr. Horn utilizes the latest technology available to serve the needs of his patients.

Dr. Horn, your North Miami Beach foot doctor, is proud to provide regenerative therapy for many inflammatory conditions of the feet. One of his non-surgical treatments is shockwave therapy, or extracorporeal shock wave therapy. Shock wave therapy is a noninvasive method that uses pressure waves to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. High-energy acoustic waves (shock waves) deliver a mechanical force to the body’s tissues. Dr. Horn uses shockwave therapy to treat degenerated tendons (Achilles tendonitis) and heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Complications are infrequent with shock wave therapy. People who have poor sensation (neuropathy) or hypersensitivity in the target area should not have this procedure. Open sores should also be avoided. Shock wave therapy is not used in patients with heart conditions or seizures. It should not be used during pregnancy. This should be discussed with your physician before undergoing the procedure.

The North Miami Beach foot doctor places gel to the affected area to help conduct the waves and then uses a noninvasive probe on the skin. An electrical charge creates an energy wave that is focused on the area of concern. The shock waves create a force on the tissues that may induce healing. Shock wave therapy is an outpatient procedure. High- or low-energy waves may be used. High-energy waves may cause pain and require a local or regional anesthetic. Low-energy shock wave therapy often is performed without anesthesia. Therapy is more successful with active patient participation where the patient tells the therapist whether or not the probe is at the area of pain. One or more treatment sessions may be needed to address the condition. If you suffer from foot pain and are looking for a cutting-edge approach to getting better, give Dr. Horn a call today.

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